Services  (1)  2  (3) Drums and Intermediate Bulk Carriers (IBC): Direct waste Management Uplifts, cleans and fully tests. The drums and IBC’s are for resale or are returned to the client. Waste Fluid and Sludge Treatment and Remediation: Direct Waste Management Ltd have been providing transport, storage and remediation solutions to the North East waste industry for over 20 years and continuously strive to address the ever increasing and diverse range of contaminated waste brought through our transfer station. Realizing the requirement for continuous improvement and best in class onsite remediation and re-use, we have designated one of our sites as a R&D treatment facility. We have partnered and invested in the right personnel, equipment and technologies to ensure we can offer a waste management solution that is unique and compliant. Onsite Chemist and Laboratory: We have a full time chemist with 20 years experience in the waste fluid industry and fully functional onsite laboratory. All incoming waste is tested and a treatment process is engineered from our extensive chemical and equipment range to ensure best available results. All treated waste is tested to ensure compliance prior to re-use or disposal. Oil Seperation Process: We don’t believe in waste so have developed a unique process to strip as much useable oil from our fluids. Using a combination of enhanced chemical separation, disk-stack centrifuge and heated separation tanks we ensure waste oil can be re-used and remaining water can be cleaned by our other technologies. Dissolved Air Flotation (Daf) Treatement System: We recently invested in a latest generation DAF system, which combined with our chemist and extensive chemical catalogue we have been able to treat and dispose of a variety of fluids reducing TSS, COD, BOD and dispersed oil resulting in water acceptable for onsite disposal to municipal sites. Salsnes Filter Press: Recently acquired to de-water the sludge phase waste. This process allows the water phase to be re-treated through the other process systems, ultimately improving the remediation process, reducing fluid waste and lowering the environmental footprint. AquaPurge® Advanced Hybrid Oxidation Process: Greenthreads latest Aquapurge system. This is a Hybrid oxidation process bringing together a combination of technologies for the ecological treatment of all organic contaminants. This process is specifically targeted to the reduction of high level COD, VOC’s, Sulphide’s, dispersed oils and heavy metal precipitation. Information PPC Permits: PPC/A/1016995 PPC/A/1016914 CARRIERS LICENCE: SNO/038475 BS EN ISO9001:2015 BS EN ISO14001:2015 BS OHSAS18001:2007   Site Copyright (all rights reserved) ©DirectWasteManagementLimited 2012 Direct Waste Management Limited supports AQUAID Company No. SC187186 Email:   or Direct Waste Management Ltd. Caring About Tomorrow - Today. Damhead Circle, Dales Industrial Estate, Peterhead. AB42 3GX Aberdeenshire. United Kingdom. Telephone: +44(0)1779477311 Facsimile: +44(0)1779477322 Mobile Telephones: +44(0)7768265561 +44(0)7778418209 Stop-Think-GO Green

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