Recycling.   (1)  (2)  3  (4) Waste Segregation/Collection. Direct Waste Management are aware that it might not be practical or cost effective for a client to arrange for a container for each waste stream that might normally be collected in such a manner. We propose that each vessel is met with a selection of fully labelled recycling containers, enabling the client to properly dispose of each waste type. We can provide ‘skips’ for general waste disposal but we consider that because of the container selection offered, the quantity of general waste should be greatly reduced thus reducing costs. The recyclable containers provided by Direct Waste Management are easily lifted by by vessel lifting cranes. The containers are colour coded to meet legislative requirements for recycling. Direct waste Management proposes a recycle rate of 95%. Information PPC Permits: PPC/A/1016995 PPC/A/1016914 CARRIERS LICENCE: SNO/038475 BS EN ISO9001:2015 BS EN ISO14001:2015 BS OHSAS18001:2007   Site Copyright (all rights reserved) ©DirectWasteManagementLimited 2012 Direct Waste Management provides the client with a  detailed report showing all the necessary data for each individual transaction. The report also fully describes where the clients waste will be recycled and how much processing will be involved. Hazardous Waste. Direct Waste Management provides all necessary paperwork ‘on the spot’, helping to eliminate time delays  or ‘down time’. Vessels will be provided with all necessary paperwork for the waste discharged or unloaded. Direct Waste Management can handle all hazardous waste types and the client can be confident that our ‘on site’ staff are fully trained to handle their waste. Direct Waste Management Limited supports AQUAID Company No. SC187186 Email:   or Direct Waste Management Ltd. Caring About Tomorrow - Today. Damhead Circle, Dales Industrial Estate, Peterhead. AB42 3GX Aberdeenshire. United Kingdom. Telephone: +44(0)1779477311 Facsimile: +44(0)1779477322 Mobile Telephones: +44(0)7768265561 +44(0)7778418209 Stop-Think-GO Green

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