Recycling.   (1)  2  (3)  (4) Legislative Awareness. As a specialist waste management provider, Direct Waste Management is committed to ensuring that all of our operations comply with the requirements of a broad U.K. legislative framework. By fully adhering to current legislation and by being aware of upcoming legislative changes, Direct Waste Management is able to shape service costs to make them sustainable thus preventing our customers from being exposed to cost spikes in a panicked market. Information PPC Permits: PPC/A/1016995 PPC/A/1016914 CARRIERS LICENCE: SNO/038475 BS EN ISO9001:2015 BS EN ISO14001:2015 BS OHSAS18001:2007   Site Copyright (all rights reserved) ©DirectWasteManagementLimited 2012 Vehicle Management. All of our collection vehicles operate to the Euro IV or Euro V standards. Direct Waste Management is committed to increasing and replacing our fleet with the most environmentally friendly vehicles available. Waste Management Proposal. Direct Waste Management Limited propose to provide a responsive,compliant and flexible waste collection service to a variety of quayside locations across Scotland that will ensure Farstad are confident that segregated recyclable materials generated on your sea going vessels are collected in a manor consistent with your requirements. Direct Waste Management also proposes to manage and self-deliver farmsteads hazardous and other special waste disposal requirements across Scotland from empty oil drums to tanker loads of contaminated waters. Direct Waste Management can also offer industrial cleaning services such as line flushing and tank cleaning on vessels or the removal of biological growth or scale from marine equipment. Our vast experience in dealing with the offshore oil and gas industries, as well as shipping agents and logistic providers, means that Direct Waste Management is ideally placed to offer a service that not only meets, but exceeds, any legal requirements regarding waste handling and disposal and are recognised as providing industry-leading HSEQ Standards. Our experience is invaluable when dealing with clients whose needs may be ‘short notice’ due to bad weather and the availability of quayside space, amongst others. Direct Waste Management can discharge straight from a vessel to our storage tanks at the ‘ASCO’ base, Peterhead, eliminating any waiting time for tankers. Direct Waste Management Limited supports AQUAID Company No. SC187186 Email:   or Direct Waste Management Ltd. Caring About Tomorrow - Today. Damhead Circle, Dales Industrial Estate, Peterhead. AB42 3GX Aberdeenshire. United Kingdom. Telephone: +44(0)1779477311 Facsimile: +44(0)1779477322 Mobile Telephones: +44(0)7768265561 +44(0)7778418209 Stop-Think-GO Green

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