Recycling.   1  (2)  (3)  (4) Environmental Impact Reduction. Direct Waste Management is committed to the reduction of materials being sent to landfill and to the minimisation of the environmental impact of such waste. As a company with no vested interest in, or predisposition to, a landfill solution (we do not own a landfill site), Direct Waste Management is able to focus on such issues as waste reduction, waste re-use, recovery and recycling initiatives.   Our key account managers meet with customers on a regular basis to discuss their waste disposal needs and formulate action plans for any improvements in service, when required. Environmental considerations are, of course, at the forefront of this process and any suggested improvements are for consideration by the customer. Information PPC Permits: PPC/A/1016995 PPC/A/1016914 CARRIERS LICENCE: SNO/038475 BS EN ISO9001:2015 BS EN ISO14001:2015 BS OHSAS18001:2007   Site Copyright (all rights reserved) ©DirectWasteManagementLimited 2012 Waste Route Optimisation. Direct Waste Management considers environmental protection as a core business aim and are committed to achieving continuous improvement in this area of our business. As a business charged with the treatment and disposal of a vast tonnage of waste per annum, Direct Waste Management understands the major environmental impact concerns associated with how and where this material is placed. Our technical coordination team (who handle all waste enquiries) are trained to deliver solutions which meet the requirements of not just the customer but of the government waste hierarchy and the proximity principle, whilst achieving a balance with customer expectations. This ensures that individual waste consignments are routed by selecting the best option from our full range of facilities in the United Kingdom and selected recovery and recycling options in mainland Europe. Tools used to assist with improving a customer’s environmental performance:   Waste minimisation audits and detailed waste hierarchy audits highlight areas of improvement. Detailed reporting on the destination of wastes. Direct Waste Management Limited supports AQUAID Company No. SC187186 Email:   or Direct Waste Management Ltd. Caring About Tomorrow - Today. Damhead Circle, Dales Industrial Estate, Peterhead. AB42 3GX Aberdeenshire. United Kingdom. Telephone: +44(0)1779477311 Facsimile: +44(0)1779477322 Mobile Telephones: +44(0)7768265561 +44(0)7778418209 Stop-Think-GO Green

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